Our community is made up of people who love Jesus. Every person in our church has its own extraordinary story of the power of living Christ. Our love for God express not only by what we do for Him, but by showing it to another person. We strongly believe that the Church is the answer to a lost world. The Church is filled with wonderful compassion, love and mercy. The Church is the reflection of God’s love and glory.

Rescue Church means rescue for the lost and the needy souls. Rescuing people is our vision and main goal. For the love we live, we talk about it, because only through love and grace we got from Jesus, we can help and serve other people.

In our church we serve by: pastoral ministry, ministry of evangelization (street working), children ministry (Sunday schools full of joy), music-worship ministry, bookshop and library, home groups, The Lighthouse (assistance for the homeless), service translation into English, cafe.

In Ireland we are a registered and legally established church – Charity Number: 20971.

We cooperate with different churches and we are in a relationship with – Christian Churches Ireland


We bless you with all our hearts.