Our goal is to help those who are in need: the homeless, the hungry, the poor, the sick and the lonely. Since the beginning of November 2014, regularly we carry hope on the streets of Dublin. We talk to passers-by, giving away food, deliver the needy warm and clean clothes. If it is also necessary sleeping bags. We pray with people, talk and listen to their stories. Simply, we are there for them. As Christians, we believe it is important to go out to the people who are around us. This is one of the main goals of our church. We bring relief to people regardless of their origin, nationality or religion. Every Monday at 20:00 we start our service on O’Connell street in Dublin city centre. Before we prepare the food and clothes in our church building in Bluebell ( Beside Bleubell Luas station ).If you fight against addiction or just want to talk to us about your problem, please contact us. We are in touch with professional and Christian rehab centre in Ireland.

Thank you to those who support our ministry financially and materially by giving clothes.
Through God’s love we are able to change the world around.
If you want to support or join us please contact us.

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